The Advantages of Renting

WaterRower Hire is a great option if you would only like your WaterRower for a short period of time, or don't want to make the financial investment of buying a WaterRower outright. Advantages of hiring your WaterRower:

Check A minimal initial investment

Check Rental flexibility with no long term obligation (a minimum 3 month rental requirement).

Check An opportunity to purchase the rower (after the 3 month minimum rental term).

Check A broad selection of WaterRower models including the Natural, Club, Oxbridge, Classic and M1.

Check Access to multiple programs, such as WaterCoach, to motivate and guide you to your training goals.

Check A full product warranty for all parts throughout the life of your rental commitment.

Check Any used machines are refurbished and available ONLY through the rental program.

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To proceed with your rental we require a proof of ID and a proof of address. Please attach them below with your signed rental contract.

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