Start Up Maintenance add

In the first couple of weeks of use the wood in your WaterRower will adjust to the temperature and humidity of the environment. During this period it is strongly advised that you gently tighten all the connecting bolts with the Allen key stored under the rear spacer. Additionally, as the drive and recoil belts tighten up with use, it may be necessary to tighten the bungee cord. To do this leave the handle in the full forward position and adjust the bungee/recoil belt buckle to provide a little more tension. It will only be necessary to perform these two simple start up procedures once or twice over the first month of use.

Preventive Maintenance add

Periodic maintenance is required to maintain the condition of the water in the tank. We strongly advise using municipal tap water which contains chlorine and other chemicals to keep it free from bacteria and algae, etc. The chlorine must be refreshed periodically by adding a water purification tablet provided in the back of the owner's manual. Chlorine degrades by exposure to light: this may vary from 6 months in direct sunlight to 2 years in an artificially lit environment. If water discoloration occurs add a purification tablet immediately. If the water does not clear, we recommend emptying the tank, flushing it out with clean water, and refilling, adding a purification tablet. Never use chlorine bleach in the tank as this will irreparably damage the polycarbonate tank.

Purification Tablets

Maintaining the Wood add

The natural wood WaterRowers are finished with a catalyzed conversions varnish which gives a deep permanent finish to the hardwood frame. Other than occasional dusting or polishing, the wood requires no maintenance. Over time, expect your Oxbridge WaterRower to develop a wonderful dark patina.

Cleaning Your Machine add

To maintain the appearance and integrity of your WaterRower it is necessary to keep the machine clean. It is particularly important to ensure that there is no dust build up in the clutch and belt mechanism between the top and bottom decks. Dust can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. The surface of the rails must be kept clean to prevent dust fouling the seat wheels, and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The surface of the tank can be cleaned, however, please ensure you read the instructions for any cleaning fluids prior to use: do not use mentholated chlorates or ammonia based fluids.

WaterRower Cleaning Kits