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  • House of Cards: Season 3 WaterRower Workout

    Trying to figure out a way to get in your WaterRower workout while you binge watch Season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix this weekend? We have the perfect solution for you.
  • ShockWave at Fitness First

    ShockWave by WaterRower has been a huge hit at Fitness First! Check out the video below to experience the energy it brings their club!

  • Gadget Show Live, Earls Court, 1-3 November

    Please come and visit WaterRower at the Christmas edition of The Gadget Show Live, from 1st - 3rd of November. Our experienced team will be on-hand to help you pick out the perfect WaterRower for your Christmas list this year. You’ll find us at stand F-34 with an array of rowing machines and fitness products to choose from.

  • Grand Designs Live (UK) 2013- WaterRower stand

    Homeowners and property developers alike had the pleasure of visiting WaterRower UK at Grand Designs Live last week at London's ExCel Centre. WaterRower's stand at the consumer show attracted a lot of attention and left many deliberating which room they might transform into a gym! Products showcased included rowing machines, upper body ergometers (ergs), wall bars, and swing kettle bells.

    Grand Designs Live booth - WaterRower Rowing Machine

  • Rowing: The New Cardio

    Equinox's latest video for new class ShockWave, former World Champion rower Josh Crosby shows you why you should trade in the treadmill.

  • Not Just a Rowing Machine - Functional Fitness Furniture

    WaterRower indoor rowing machine erg ergometer

    Don't call it an erg! WaterRower Rowing Machines offer a pleasant rowing exercise while holding true to the dynamics of on-water rowing; burn up to 1000 calories an hour and work up to 84 percent of your muscle mass! Rowing provides an effective, high-intensity, cardio workout, while maintaining a low-impact to the joints. Workout at your own pace as the WaterFlyWheel's self-regulating resistance dynamically adjusts to each of your strokes. Unlike common ergometers, to change resistance on a WaterRower rowing machine you simply row harder!

  • Designed for Life- Rowing Machines by WaterRower

    The fluid movement and sound of the WaterRower's dynamic WaterFlyWheel have been praised for lulling babies to sleep. The smooth, quiet, and unintrusive nature of our rowing machine allows for a workout not limited by time of day or proximity to others. Enjoy an indoor rowing exercise while watching television, or while another reads in the same room!

  • Rowing Machines - Professional/Gym Floor

    Commercial Rowing Machines WaterRower M1 HiRise

    Our Commercial Rowing Machines are Made in the USA and designed to match your facilities current commercial fitness equipment, while offering the unique resistance provided by the patented WaterFlyWheel. Our M-Series Rowing Machines are available with custom powder coated finishes in thousands of colors to emphasize your brand. We are committed to providing quality rowing machines not only of a stylish design, but built to last!

  • Designed for Life- Rowing Machines by WaterRower

    WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

    Our Wooden Rowing Machines are Made in the USA using hardwood from only replenishable sources. We strive to manufacture rowing machines that are of a stylish design and built to last, while maintaining our commitment to eco-friendliness. Our Rowing Machines are functional fitness furniture, designed not to be hidden away like other unsightly gym equipment, but to look at home in your living room. Storing in an upright position no wider than a dining room chair, our rowing machines can be easily laid out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session.

  • Crossing the Line – Rowing and Cycling – Cross Training


    Josh Crosby, creator of Indo-Row, former US National team rower, Ironman World Champion competitor and acclaimed fitness professional, outlines the similarities between rowing and cycling as well as the value of these sports when employed as cross-training tools in episode 2 of this informative video series “Crossing the Line”.

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